Urban Biker is essentially a free app, disclosing its full feature set at all times┬╣. However, it may display an ad or a reminder sometimes. By licensing the app, you won't be getting ads or reminders anymore.

  • Ultimate All maps, all features, no ads. Unlock everything. (Subscription)
  • Pro Plus All features, no ads. (One-off payment)
  • Pro No ads. (One-off payment)
  • Mapbox maps All Mapbox maps. (Subscription)
  • Thunderforest maps All Thunderforest maps. (Subscription)

To purchase a license, open up the app and click on the 'Buy license' link. The link is also available in the About screen.

All payments go through the Google Play store. License is tied to your account, not the device. You can install it on all your devices or transfer it to your new device without additional charges. To manage your subscriptions, please visit Google Play subscriptions page.

Thanks for supporting our work!

┬╣ Notable exception being the premium maps. These are not free and require a subscription (available only with in-app purchases).

Also, additional premium features may be added in the future.