Buy a license

Urban Biker is mostly a free app, however it may display an ad or a reminder from time to time, which urges you to consider purchasing a license and support app development. The options are:

Standard Pro license

This is a standard Pro license that will get rid of any adverts or reminders in the app.

$10 Pro license

This will get you the Pro license and generously support app development with the rest of the amount.*

$25 Pro license

All benefits of cheaper licenses + more generous support towards app development.*

$50 Pro license

This is the priciest license you can get. It packs all benefits of cheaper licenses, and offers most generous support towards app development.*

All payments go through the Google Play store. Once purchased, a license is installed to your device automatically as a tiny apk without an icon in the launcher.

Purchased license is tied to your account, not the device. You can install it on all your devices without additional charges. Also, you can easily transfer it to your new device.

You can also install licenses of different type to the same device, if desired. There are no further benefits from this apart from supporting our work some more.

We are most grateful for your support!

*Note: Licenses currently differ only in the amount of your support towards app development. This may (or may not) change in the future.