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🐞 Strava login issues have been resolved
⛵ Screen stabilization feature improvement
✅ A few other improvements that make the application better

🐞 Fixed some app reliability and notification icon visibility issues
⛵ Screen stabilization feature improvement
✅ A few other improvements and fixes that make the application better

🐞 Fix (Android 11+): Sometimes the app was unable to retrieve real-time locations after changing screen orientation while in the background, causing straight lines on the track
⛵ Screen stabilization feature improvement
🌧️ Weather radar now shows snowfall in different colors
🔋 Less battery use, especially while inactive (not tracking)
✅ Some other improvements and fixes that make the application better
⚠️Note: Map cache for maps other than Google will be invalidated by launching this release, meaning all map tiles will have to be recreated or downloaded again

⛵ Screen stabilization feature: Helps you to see the screen a little more clearly while on the move. The image on the screen is stabilized by applying rapid small movements that try to counteract external shaking. (By default, it will activate only when bumpy terrain is detected)
🔋 Less battery use, especially while inactive (not tracking)
💬 Major translations update using machine translation, so now all supported languages should be around 100% complete
✅ Some other improvements that make the application better

⬆️ Navigation: Get step-by-step directions to your destination, both visual and spoken!
✨ We've freshen the looks of the main and overview screens to make them a bit more modern
🏁 It is now possible to finish a track in a profile other than the active one (from the Profiles screen)
📱 You can now more easily reorder fields in the same row of the main screen or make them wider/narrower (via the Layout pop-up menu)
✅ Many other improvements that make the application more efficient and better

🌧️ Weather radar data retrieval is now more reliable
✅ A few internal improvements to make the application behave better

🐞 Fix: In-app updates feature was not working as intended
📚 Updated some third-party libraries (e.g. Strava)
⏯️ Improved reliability of the Auto-pause and GPS automatic sleep features
✅ A few internal improvements to make the application behave better and use a bit less battery

🗺️ maps! 4 map types in total: Basic, Outdoor, Satellite and Winter
⏯️ Improved reliability of the Auto-pause feature
🎯 Tracking algorithm will now accept even very inaccurate location updates when required (up to 300 meters of inaccuracy), to make the tracking possible in most bad GPS signal situations
⛰️ Improved offline maps hill shading algorithm a bit
✅ A few other internal improvements to make the application behave better

🐞 Fix: App crash on startup for some users
✅ Make automatic tallies sound a bit less often
✅ A few other improvements to make the application behave better

🐞 Fix: Auto-pause feature not working as it should sometimes (i.e. Elapsed time and Duration end up the same)
🐞 Fix: Sometimes it can happen that the profile cannot be changed or track cannot be finished without closing the app first
✅ A few other improvements to make the tracking more robust

✅ Improved tracking algorithm to prevent possible large jumps in location during bad GPS signal situations
✅ Improved reliability of the "GPS automatic sleep" feature
✅ A few other improvements to make the application more robust

🐞 Fix: ANT+ sensors not working
✅ Improved the tracking algorithm for a more reliable recording in bad GPS signal and screen-off situations
✅ A few other improvements

🐞 Fix: Better screen-off recording on Xiaomi and other devices

🔋 Optimizations for less battery use
✅ Improved reliability of sensors connection when switching profiles

✅ Optimizations for improved responsiveness on some devices
🔋 Optimizations for less battery use when Bluetooth sensors are used
✅ Improvements to make the application more reliable and robust

🐞 Fix: App won't start when first launched after fresh install
🎯 Wait a bit for more accurate GPS data when tracking starts

🔋 Optimizations for slightly less battery and memory use
🐞 Stability improvements on some devices
🌧️ Weather radar animation is now enabled by default
✅ Info dialog is now shown when map weather icon is clicked
✅ Other improvements and fixes

🗺️ New MapTiler maps: OpenStreetMap and SwissTopo Light Base Map
🍸 The application will now offer an update if a new version is available
🔋 Some optimizations for slightly less battery usage
✅ Some improvements and fixes

✅ The app will now automatically try to use SD card, as suitable, when copying and listing offline map files
🐞 Fixed: Tracking sometimes did not work after changing the profile while recording was active
🐞 Fixed: ANT+ sensors did not work on Android 11 and 12
🐞 Fixed: The app was still using its old folders for config files on pre-Android 11 devices (/Documents/UrbanBiker)
✅ The "Sensors" icon has a new look
✅ Other improvements and fixes

🐞 Stability fix. IMPORTANT: Versions v7.23-25 can fail when some permissions are denied, so please update as soon as possible. Sorry about that!
✅ Improved Android permissions management
✅ Improved wireless sensors re-connection reliability

v7.23, v7.24, v7.25
NOTE: Please do not use these versions, as they are flawed and can fail in some circumstances, such as when some permissions are denied.

✍️ You can now "Report an issue" from the main menu, which will also automatically attach helpful debug information to the email
📜 The app now generates a debug log file in its data folder, a text file which contains information about potential app issues, and which tech-savvy users can examine or send to us
👣 When using phone's own step detector sensor, now it will provide Duration and Distance measurements only when there's no GPS or other sensors available
❤️ When using a heart rate sensor, now it will provide Duration measurements only when there's no GPS or other sensors available (except the step detector)
↕️ "Vertical weight" property for meters on the main screen
✅ Some UI improvements
✅ Misc. improvements and fixes

📱 Additional standard main screen layout type: "Dense"
🐞 Fixed: Old APK-licenses not working
✅ Enforce "Google Play services" as a default GPS provider. If you really want to use the "GPS subsystem" option, you'll have to switch it again.
✅ "Adaptive" GPS update interval mode is no longer the default, you'll have to switch to this mode if you want to use it
✅ Some other improvements and fixes

📱 Main screen layout customization features: Use the "Layout" main menu item to choose from predefined layouts, or long-click on any meter and follow the menus to compose your own layout!
🐞 Fixed: License purchase sometimes not respected for some users, due to a bug introduced in v7 dated 2021-12-13. Those licenses are not lost; only sometimes they were not noticed. Sorry about that!
✅ Quicker and possibly more reliable connecting to Bluetooth sensors
⏺️ Tracking button alternative mode option (Settings > Display > Buttons)
✅ Many other improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed: Physical activity recognition feature not working (for both GPS and sensors), due to a bug introduced in v7 dated 2021-12-13. Sorry about that!
🐞 Getting rid of a pesky ANR and strange app behavior some users were experiencing
✅ A few other fixes and improvements

🐞 Getting rid of few pesky crashes and ANR-s some users were experiencing

📈 10-minute charts in meters (long-click on a meter for options)
🔋 Less battery usage on main screen and Overview screen
🐞 Possibly fixed: Tracking does not work with screen turned off for some users
🐞 Possibly fixed: Elapsed time sometimes not zero on tracking start
📜 Long-click on a speedometer now also produces a pop-up menu, and this goes for the meters in the Overview screen, too
✅ Many other fixes and improvements

🐞 Fixed: Minimal Vertical speed metric doesn't go below zero
🐞 Fixed: Crash on Androids older than 8.0 after choosing offline map files
✅ Misc.

✅ "Custom tracks folder" feature that helps you find and access previous tracks is now more prominent in the History screen
🐞 Fixed: "Pocket" screen mode is now more reliable
✅ Misc. improvements and fixes

✨ Adaptive GPS interval: Saves battery by using GPS less often when you're going slow! This is now the new default GPS update interval mode.
🗺️ New MapTiler map style: Winter
🐞 Fixed: No vibrations chart unless "AutoTerrain" option is also enabled
🐞 Fixed: Sqlite offline maps garbled when using the "Hi-res" mode
✅ Make "Pocket" and "Screensaver" screen modes more reliable. Note: Pocket mode will no longer work in Android's split-screen mode, unless the app has focus.
✅ Other improvements and fixes

⚙️ Android 11 and 12 compatibility improved. App data folder (the external one) has changed on these systems, from  "/Documents" to "/Android/data/com.sublimis.urbanbiker/files/Documents". Keep in mind if you're transferring files around, or doing backups!
🚵 AutoTerrain feature: Sense terrain roughness by measuring vibrations, and adjust the rolling resistance coefficient (Cᵣᵣ) accordingly when computing power.
💤 Screensaver feature: Dim and app-lock the screen after a predefined time period
📈 Vibrations chart
🧮 Average rolling resistance coefficient metric
📐 All units of measure are now common, only Power and Energy units are per-profile
✅ Other improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed an issue that could prevent speed, power, slope, ascent and descent calculations for some users
🐞 Fixed an issue that could, in rare cases, prevent location tracking for some users
🎨 Light/Dark app visual theme option for all supported Androids (in Settings > Display > Appearance)
🌧️ Precipitation radar coverage overlay option
🐞 Fixed: Precipitation radar indicator icon sometimes shown even when the feature is turned off
✅ A few other improvements

🎨 System Light/Dark themes support (Android 10+). For now, the app just follows the theme of the system. In the next release we'll provide the option of manual selection for all Android versions!
🐞 Fixed: Auto-pause didn't work correctly when using a heart rate (HR) sensor
🎯 Consider the accuracy of the data when displaying the GNSS speed (if there's no speed sensor, of course) (Android 8+)
🌧️ Translucent weather icon on the left side of the map, to give you a sense of the next update
🧭 Guide route direction is now more apparent
📈 Charts are improved to support data boundaries (e.g. on breaks)
✅ A few other fixes and improvements

🐞 Fixed an issue that could occur when: 1) More than one Bluetooth sensor is used, or 2) A RuuviTag sensor is used. It could cause more battery consumption than usual while the app is running, even if the tracking is not active. Sorry about that!

💡 Possible fix for when large parts of an activity are not recorded on some phone models
🏔️ More accurate barometric altitude when using internal pressure sensor on water-tight phones, that experience rapid pressure oscillations while handling the phone
🗺️ Now you can directly activate a default map type from a given set by clicking on the icon (without going through the subsequent list)
🤝 More responsive "Share" button when sharing to Strava
⚖️ Power and Energy units settings moved to the dedicated "Units" settings screen (Settings > Display > Units)
✅ A few other improvements

🌧️ Forecast of precipitation radar is now available as an option! It will animate last 30 minutes of radar forecast data (disabled by default).
🌧️ Precipitation radar map is now smoothed, so it looks better!
👝 Now you can customize the "Pocket mode" delay (defaults to zero)
⏯️ "Auto-pause count" metric is now also in the track details
🔕 "Do not alarm" sensor option, to use the sensor if available, but do not notify or alarm when unavailable
✅ A few other improvements

🐞 Fixed: App language cannot be changed from within the app
🐞 Fixed: Real-time auto-pause sometimes activates when it shouldn't
🐞 Fixed: Some weird icon problems on some phones
✅ A few other improvements

🗺️ CyclOSM map
🛰️ Automatic GPS on/off feature
⚓ "Reduce location noise during breaks" feature
🎯 The app now accepts more inaccurate locations when needed, so it will be more usable in poor GPS signal conditions
📌 "Google Play services" is now the default location provider
⚡ Indicator when data comes from an external sensor (rather than the GPS or an internal sensor)
🔗 Option to remove map attribution text (to prevent accidental link click)
⏲️ Limit map cache in time (to prevent stall map tiles)
✅ A few other improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed: Power meter cadence not available over ANT+
🐞 Fixed: Notable delay upon profile switching when Bluetooth sensors were used
🐞 Fixed: Spikes in altitude possible if barometric pressure is drifting during pause
✅ A few other improvements

🐞 Fixed: Auto-pause resumes too often
🐞 Fixed: Wireless sensor cannot reconnect sometimes
🐞 Fixed: Several translation issues, causing the app to crash for some users
🐞 Fixed: Power is zero when using a speed sensor and the speed is very low
✅ A few other improvements

🚀 Reworked data processing engine, to ensure measurement consistency! The app will now use all available data sources (sensors) and gracefully switch between them when needed, e.g. if an external sensor fails the app will transparently continue to use an internal one, and vice versa.
🧬 Improved data filter: More accurate altitude, slope, power calculations and graphs.
🔥 Energy Details feature: Examine individual contributions that make up a total energy spent (found in the History screen)
🖼️ Screenshot feature: Share the current app screen (found in the Control Panel)
⏯️ Auto-pause feature improved, now with visual and sound cues
✅ "Live summary" screen renamed to "Overview"
✅ Many other fixes and improvements

🎯 Continuation of under-the-hood changes for more robust and more accurate measurements
🔥 Preparation for Energy Details feature: App now measures all individual contributions to the energy figure separately (until the next app version this can only be found by opening the track summary xml file)
🐞 Fixed: App could become unresponsive sometimes
🐞 Fixed: Average power calculation inaccuracy
🐞 Fixed: Cadence sensor could sometimes interfere with distance measurement
✅ Other improvements

🎯 Under-the-hood changes: More robust and more accurate measurements of distance, duration, speed, power, cadence, step cadence, heart rate. This holds especially when using sensors, and more so when some of them disconnect during activity.
⏱️Heart rate sensor can now be used to measure duration
🌡️ More accurate Derived temperature sensor
✅ Some other improvements

🐞 Fixes and improvements regarding stability
✅ A few other minor improvements

🐞 Fixed: Track upload not working for activities done without location (e.g. indoor activities). The real issue here is that no GPX file is created for such activities in v5.110. Sorry about that! ☹️
⛰️ Faster barometric altitude warm-up: In most cases instant, in other cases around 15 seconds. More consistent barometric altitude and pressure charts.
📈 "Pace" chart option in the History
📈 Display accurate values when the chart is touched
✅ Other improvements and fixes regarding stability and accuracy

🌡️ Support for environment sensors and RuuviTag (pressure, temperature, humidity). The app will use any available pressure sensor (internal/external) for barometric altitude, and seamlessly switch between sensors if they become unavailable.
📈 Charts in the History
📜 Track upload to Velo Hero
⛰️ More accurate barometric altitude
⚡ Faster reading of tracks in the History
💬 Added Bulgarian and Danish languages
✅ Many other improvements and fixes

🐞 A few bug fixes to prevent the app crashing for some users
✅ Updated some libraries and translations

✅ App will now show cached map tiles where available, even if you're offline
✅ When you come back online, app will correctly resume obtaining map tiles from the Internet
🐞 More accurate slope drawing (as a track hue parameter in History screen)
🐞 A few other fixes
⚠️Note: Map cache for premium maps will be invalidated by launching this release, meaning all map tiles will have to be downloaded again (except for Google, Stamen, and OpenTopoMap maps). Your data is not affected by this!

🐞 Fix: App acting weird and not responding sometimes, esp. while using Stamen or OpenTopoMap maps
📐 "Displacement" meter mode, showing beeline distance from the initial location (i.e. radius from the start)
✅ You can now adjust sensor data filter strength in sensor properties screen, useful for power meters
🐞 Fix: Map distance markers sometimes do not correspond accurately to the overall track distance
💬 Galician (Galego) language translations added (incomplete) - Thanks David O.P.!

🐞 Fix: Premium maps not accessible after watching an ad and receiving Ultimate license for the session
🐞 Fix: Tracking start/stop button not visible in Live summary screen
🐞 Fix: Many sound effects played at once sometimes after turning on "All sounds" master switch
✅ Improved performance while drawing a track over a map during activity
✅ Shadow under "my location" map marker for better visibility
✅ Misc. UI/UX improvements

🗺️ MapTiler maps: 10 new map types are added!
🛣️ ⛰️ 🌎 Combined Streets/Terrain/Satellite maps for Mapbox, HERE and MapTiler, so map type can easily be switched by a button click (just like for the Google maps)
⚡ Less waiting for a track to be finished and sent to History
🔙 "Back" button in map chooser dialog
✅ Misc.

🗺️ ⚡ Online maps optimizations: Faster loading, less battery usage
✅ Misc.

🗺️ HERE maps! 6 new map types are added:
 • Terrain - Hills and paths
 • Normal - Streets
 • Pedestrian - Parks, shortcuts and stairs
 • Transit - Public transport
 • Satellite - Aerial imagery
 • Truck - So you know which roads to avoid.
✅ Map chooser dialog redesigned
✅ External GPS sensors can be used with the app (via mock locations)
🐞 Fixed: Track parts not recorded properly because phone goes to sleep for some users

🐞 Fixed: Bluetooth sensors refuse to connect sometimes
🐞 Fixed: "Running Cadence" wireless sensor providing invalid step/cadence data
✅ "Power data upload policy" option to manage sending power data to Strava
🐞 Fixed: Garmin Connect GPX upload issues
🐞 Fixed: "Start" map marker being dragged along during an activity
✅ "My Location" map marker cannot be clicked anymore
💬 Arabic language translations added (incomplete) - Thanks Abdou!
✅ Misc.

🔋⚡ Significantly less battery usage due to internal optimizations
📱 Option not to dim the screen in waving mode
💬 Asturian language translations added (thanks David!)

📶 Improved map responsiveness on slow networks
🐞 Fixed: Wireless sensors stop providing data after some time on Android 10
🗺️ New Mapbox "Satellite contour" map style (satellite imagery with added terrain contours)
🟠 Power values as recorded by Urban Biker are now respected by Strava, not estimated anymore
⛰️ More accurate altitude graph and ascent/descent calculations
⚡ Active Power SVG graph (power without negative values)
☢️ More accurate FTP (Functional Threshold Power) calculation, separate from Active Power
ℹ️ Info dialogs are shown when rows are clicked in History track details
✅ "Map options" button in Control Panel
✅ Misc.

⚠️️ Prevent tracks disappearing from the History in some cases
🐞 Fixed disappearing sound buttons in Control Panel

🏃 "Physical activity recognition" option in Sensor properties screen. This can be used to tell when user is on foot or cycling, so to use sensor data only when recognized activity is compatible with sensor purpose.
卌 Automatic sound tallies option
ℹ️ Show track segment info when colored track is clicked in the History screen
✅ More accurate steps, speed and cadence sensor data and handling
🎯 "My location" map marker will go red to indicate that location is inaccurate
🔍 Improved map Auto Zoom levels
🔋 Less battery usage
✅ Other fixes and improvements

⚠️ WORKAROUND FIX: Bug in Google Maps service causes the app to crash (Not our fault!)
📜 You can now upload an activity to Strava even when location (GPS) was not used at all (GPX is being created nonetheless)
✅ Many other fixes and improvements

🔎 "Auto Zoom" map feature, available when "Follow" is enabled
🍃 Better overall app responsiveness, due to internal optimizations
⬅️ Control Panel now slides from the side of the screen
🐞 Fixed: App not responding sometimes when using ANT+ sensors
✅ Power, Energy, Altitude (via barometer), and other values are now calculated even when Location is disabled in Control Panel
✅ Less memory usage
✅ Various other fixes and improvements

🐞 Fixed: For German (DE) users, app v5.62 crashes when opening Settings > Display > Units screen
❎ Crosshair is shown at map target while panning or zooming the map

🖼️ Screenshot share function from the tracks history screen
👁️ Improved tracks and guide routes visibility over the map
📍 Searching the map will now create a temporary map marker
✅ Renamed "Roar" to "AVAS" (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

🔍 Map search function. Look for the transparent button at the top part of the map!
🌧️ Precipitation radar map layer, based on It can be animated! Please visit Settings > Display > Maps > Weather (or long-click the Weather icon in map settings dialog).
📱 Improved screen orientation setting in Control Panel, added reverse portrait and landscape
✅ Show fences in gray color while FenceGuard is deactivated
🐞 Fixed: Resume/Finish prompt sometimes not shown after profile change when using sensors
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

👣 Built-in Step Detector sensor support. Can be used for Step Count, Step Cadence, Speed, Distance and Duration readings.
🏃 Step Count and Step Cadence meter modes
📢 Step Count tally
🎯 Less latency when displaying sensor data (e.g. speed or cadence)
🕶️ Option to toggle data filtering in sensor properties screen
⛰️ "Slope" track hue option
📱 Screen orientation preference forced, even in split-screen mode
🔋 Less battery usage, esp. when screen is off
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

📜 More activity types when sharing a track to Strava or Google Fit
📚 ANT+ library update (fix for Android 10 problems, and possibly prevent app freezes for some users)
🗜️ Reduced app file size
🎨 Improved license upgrade screen
💐 Additional Ultimate license options: 1 week, 3 months, 6 months
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed: Error saving and reading tracks on Android 10 for some users
🐞 Fixed: Strava login and track upload
✅ Removed Facebook from the app, as they no longer support sharing fitness activities
✅ Misc improvements

✅ Android 10 compatibility improved
✅ Updated Google map dark style colors
✅ Reduced subscription prices
🐞 Fixed: Crashing of "Buy license" screen sometimes
🐞 Fixed: Audio focus not returned after speech
📚 Updated offline maps library
📣 Updated translations