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⚠️️ Prevent tracks disappearing from the History in some cases
🐞 Fixed disappearing sound buttons in Control Panel

🏃 "Physical activity recognition" option in Sensor properties screen. This can be used to tell when user is on foot or cycling, so to use sensor data only when recognized activity is compatible with sensor purpose.
卌 Automatic sound tallies option
ℹ️ Show track segment info when colored track is clicked in the History screen
✅ More accurate steps, speed and cadence sensor data and handling
🎯 "My location" map marker will go red to indicate that location is inaccurate
🔍 Improved map Auto Zoom levels
🔋 Less battery usage
✅ Other fixes and improvements

⚠️ WORKAROUND FIX: Bug in Google Maps service causes the app to crash (Not our fault!)
📜 You can now upload an activity to Strava even when location (GPS) was not used at all (GPX is being created nonetheless)
✅ Many other fixes and improvements

🔎 "Auto Zoom" map feature, available when "Follow" is enabled
🍃 Better overall app responsiveness, due to internal optimizations
⬅️ Control Panel now slides from the side of the screen
🐞 Fixed: App not responding sometimes when using ANT+ sensors
✅ Power, Energy, Altitude (via barometer), and other values are now calculated even when Location is disabled in Control Panel
✅ Less memory usage
✅ Various other fixes and improvements

🐞 Fixed: For German (DE) users, app v5.62 crashes when opening Settings > Display > Units screen
❎ Crosshair is shown at map target while panning or zooming the map

🖼️ Screenshot share function from the tracks history screen
👁️ Improved tracks and guide routes visibility over the map
📍 Searching the map will now create a temporary map marker
✅ Renamed "Roar" to "AVAS" (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

🔍 Map search function. Look for the transparent button at the top part of the map!
🌧️ Precipitation radar map layer, based on It can be animated! Please visit Settings > Display > Maps > Weather (or long-click the Weather icon in map settings dialog).
📱 Improved screen orientation setting in Control Panel, added reverse portrait and landscape
✅ Show fences in gray color while FenceGuard is deactivated
🐞 Fixed: Resume/Finish prompt sometimes not shown after profile change when using sensors
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

👣 Built-in Step Detector sensor support. Can be used for Step Count, Step Cadence, Speed, Distance and Duration readings.
🏃 Step Count and Step Cadence meter modes
📢 Step Count tally
🎯 Less latency when displaying sensor data (e.g. speed or cadence)
🕶️ Option to toggle data filtering in sensor properties screen
⛰️ "Slope" track hue option
📱 Screen orientation preference forced, even in split-screen mode
🔋 Less battery usage, esp. when screen is off
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

📜 More activity types when sharing a track to Strava or Google Fit
📚 ANT+ library update (fix for Android 10 problems, and possibly prevent app freezes for some users)
🗜️ Reduced app file size
🎨 Improved license upgrade screen
💐 Additional Ultimate license options: 1 week, 3 months, 6 months
✅ Misc improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed: Error saving and reading tracks on Android 10 for some users
🐞 Fixed: Strava login and track upload
✅ Removed Facebook from the app, as they no longer support sharing fitness activities
✅ Misc improvements

✅ Android 10 compatibility improved
✅ Updated Google map dark style colors
✅ Reduced subscription prices
🐞 Fixed: Crashing of "Buy license" screen sometimes
🐞 Fixed: Audio focus not returned after speech
📚 Updated offline maps library
📣 Updated translations

✏️ Edit Track dialog: Change the title and add notes to your tracks
⛰️ Altitude tally
📚 Library fixes and updates (Strava, theming, etc.)
✅ Misc. improvements

🐞 Fixed a bug that could lead to app crash sometimes when viewing a map
🗣️ Speech synthesis: More options! Speak profile name, short notes, tracking, etc. Also, new Speech Volume option. Please find out more in Settings > Sound > Speech.
✅ Clock tally
✅ Kinetic energy SVG graphs
✅ Misc. improvements

🗣️ Speech synthesis: Tallies and countdown can now also be spoken.
🗺️ Map distance markers are now shown in the History screen. Toggle them by simply tapping the map.
✅ Some sensor handling improvements
✅ Misc. improvements and fixes

🧡 Fixed Strava upload issues some users were experiencing
🌊 "Kinetic energy" meter mode (in "distance above ground level" units -- completely weight-independent). It tells you the height equivalent of your current speed, i.e. you'd achieve the same speed by falling from this height.
🗻 Average ascent slope, average descent slope statistics
💬 Updated translations
✅ Some sensor handling improvements
✅ Misc. improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed a minor bug
📣 Updated translations

🎁️ Rewarded ads: Watch short video ad and get free Ultimate license for the session!
👋 Waving mode: Dim and app-lock the screen by waving your hand in front of it (option in Control Panel)
🔊 Sound effect (and vibration) when screen is dimmed or turned off by proximity sensor
👇 Shortcuts menu when app's launcher icon is long-clicked (Android 7.1+)
🎨 Improved map track hue colors
📚 Updated various libraries
💬 Updated translations
✅ Various other improvements

🐞 Google Fit upload issues resolved. However, unless "Include maps for all activities" option is enabled in Google Fit app settings, no map is shown there (this cannot be fixed)
💬 Updated translations
💬 Added Bulgarian language (thanks Alexander!)
🕐 Slight delay (0.5 seconds) before turning off the screen in "Pocket" mode
📚 Updated 3rd party libraries
🐞 Fix for old Pro+ APK license
🐞 Fix for some terrain shading issues in offline maps

💬 Updated translations
💬 Added Finnish language (thanks Teemue!)
✅ New translator license model
   👉 Note: All translators with 200+ translations can now request a free and unlimited Ultimate license (please contact us)!
🐞 Possibly fixed older licenses (Pro and Pro Plus as separate APK) not being recognized
   👉 Note: Users of these old licenses can contact us and request free upgrade to the new license type!
🐞 Possibly fixed some rare crashes (on rare phones)
🗜️ Smaller APK download size as we migrated to Android App Bundle technology

✅ Fixed translations
✅ Improved Rec/Stop button design

✅ New design for the Rec/Stop button
✅ Any license purchased will now automatically remove ads, even single-map subscriptions (Mapbox, Thunderforest)
✅ Minimum supported Android version is now 5.0 (Lollipop), no more KitKat nor Jelly Bean support!
✅ Improved reliability of Bluetooth LE sensor connections
✅ Improved performance of the History screen
✅ Updated libraries
✅ Updated translations
🐞 Some bug fixes and performance improvements

🐞 Bug fixes and performance improvements

Enjoy the summer! 🌞

2019-07-13 (update)
🐞 Mi Band heart rate functionality restored

⚡ App will now request to be exempt from battery optimizations when tracking starts, if applicable. It's highly recommended to do so. This makes the tracking more reliable and accurate, by helping to prevent the system from interfering with the app during recording.
🐞 Improvements and fixes in handling Bluetooth wireless sensors
🐞 Fixed when sometimes after cold app start the main screen won't update

✅ Improvements for wireless sensors, esp. Speed and Cadence
✅ Better handling of multiple sensors of the same type used at the same time
✅ Better handling of sensor that stops providing data while staying connected (e.g. the magnet fell off)
🐞 Misc. fixes and improvements

🐞 Fixed: Display issue when using split-screen or landscape mode. This was caused by Google breaking the latest update to one of their libraries, so we reverted. Sorry about that!

Maintenance release, with a few smaller (but potentially annoying) bugs fixed:
🐞 Fixed: Speed/cadence sensors not providing data sometimes
🐞 Fixed: Freeze that could happen in rare situations when adding or removing a sensor

Maintenance release, with a few smaller (but potentially annoying) bugs fixed:
🐞 Fixed: Map cache gets deleted on app update
🐞 Fixed: Connectivity issues for newly added sensors
🐞 Fixed: Better license handling in situations with no Internet

📜 When you delete a track from the History, the corresponding profile's totals will now reflect this (track's start date must be newer than the profile totals start date, of course)
🌍 Map will now wait about 10 seconds before centering automatically, when the Follow mode is active and you scroll the map around
🎯 'My location' map crosshairs are now closer to the bottom of the screen when map auto-rotate is active
🐞 Fixed: Map scale is incorrect when showing 'feet' units (ft)
🐞 A few other improvements and fixes

2019-06-01 (update)
🐞 Fixed: Sensors do not retain their disabled usages on app restart (e.g. when you disable Distance data from the Speed sensor, it will get enabled again)
✅ All the latest translations before shutdown

2019-05-31 (update)
🐞 Fixed: ANT+ sensors not working, and Speed/Cadence sensors do not retain their properties from the previous app version. Sorry about that!

🆕 Improvements for wireless sensors: One sensor can now have multiple usages (services)
🎨 You can now customize colors of map Tracks and Guide Routes (Settings>Display>Maps)
🎯 Improved My Location marker on the map: Crosshairs instead of big dot (big dot hides details of your exact location!)
✅ Less ads, more performance
🖼️ Don't miss out the new app icon in launcher
🔒 Prevent Facebook SDK auto-initialization at app startup (if Facebook disabled)
🐞 Fix for old devices giving year 1999 GPS timestamps
🐞 Many other improvements and fixes

🆕 New "Average Active Power" statistic. When doing a strenuous workout, this will basically be your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).
✅ Improved zero-speed detection
🐞 Other improvements and fixes

🐞 Fixed some overdraws on main screen, which helps reduce battery usage (esp. when map is displayed)
💬 Added Azerbaijani language (thanks İsmət!)
✅ Updated libraries
✅ Misc.

🐞 Fixed a bug introduced in v5.04 (a few days ago) that could cause altitudes to appear slightly offset from usual values.
   Note: Ascent, Descent, Power, Vertical Power, Slope, and all other metrics were NOT affected.
✅ Minor UI improvements

🎨 New color picker in Settings→Display→Appearance
🔜 'Loading' indicator on startup screen
✅ Other minor improvements and fixes

✅ Various improvements and fixes
✅ Specific Power and Vertical Power in track details (in W/kg or W/lb)
💠 New splash screen and logo
📈 Color-coded SVG graphs

✅ Added 9 more high quality Mapbox maps
✅ Automatic Day/Night themes for supported maps
✅ Map 'Loading' indicator
✅ Further maps optimizations
🐞 Fixed Strava button for older Androids

✅ Connect with Strava & Google Fit: Check the new Settings->Accounts screen, and upload your tracks from the Tracks History!
✅ Small "Finish" button appears on the main screen when stopped. It will Save&Reset the track without a prompt when pressed.
✅ "Stopped time" track statistic
✅ More responsive custom online and offline maps
✅ Improved track saving reliability
✅ Many more UX/UI improvements!
🐞 Fixed a bug where "Do not use GPS" option is applied to all profiles instead of just the current one

⚡ Less battery usage (compared to the previous version)
✅ Distance and Duration are now taken from speed sensor by default (if available). This can be turned off in Sensor properties.
✅ You can now use the app without GPS, eg. for indoor spinning. Enable this in Settings > Tracking > Stationary Exercise.
✅ Maps are now being cached for faster loading. Adjust cache size in Settings > Display > Maps > Cache (default is 100 MB).
✅ High resolution option is now available for raster offline maps and online maps other than Google's (set by default).
✅ More accurate average Cadence and Heart rate measurements
✅ UI optimizations and improvements
✅ Misc.

✅ Respect color theme when map is shown
✅ Updated libraries
✅ Minimum supported Android version is now 4.2
✅ Removed app name from saved tracks' title
✅ Improved 'Track hue' drawing in Tracks History
✅ Buy dialog improvements
✅ Smaller APK size
✅ Updated translations
🐞 Fixed: Rare problems with digital font
🐞 Other fixes and improvements

✅ Easier licensing, with more options
✅ Translations updated
✅ Misc improvements

✅ Easier licensing: The app can now be licensed with in-app purchases!
✅ New online maps: Thunderforest and Mapbox maps. They are not free and require monthly subscriptions, however there's a free 5-days trial period!
✅ Removed <power> tag from the GPX file to restore XML compliance (please note that Strava now won't read power from the file, but will instead estimate power from other data)

✅ Minor bug fixes and improvements

✅ Power, Heart rate, Cadence, and Temperature data is now also being saved to GPX. Strava and other services can read and process those data!
✅ Faster barometric altitude calibration (just 1 minute to calibrate)
✅ Map QuickZoom buttons behavior improved: Short-click for permanent zoom, Long-click for temporary zoom w/ follow
✅ Other fixes and improvements

✅ Additional online map providers (based on OpenStreetMap data): Stamen (Terrain, Toner, Watercolor) and OpenTopoMap
✅ Google map 'dark' style for dark app theme (works only on 'Street' layer)
✅ QuickZoom-In button now temporarily activates map follow/rotate mode while pressed
✅ More GPX file formats supported when used as guide routes
✅ 'Stop' event (zero speed) when using speed sensor is made closer to realtime
✅ Acquire speed or cadence data from power sensor
🐞 Fixed: No cadence sensor data if wheel circumference not set
🐞 Other fixes and performance improvements

✅ Offline maps improvements:
      o Terrain rendering (Some files have to be downloaded first. Please go to Settings > Display > Maps > Offline Maps to learn more.)
      o Theme switching
      o Performance improvements
      o Bug fixes
✅ More consistent behavior of map QuickZoom buttons
✅ Average gear ratio statistic
🐞 Fixed sharing to Facebook (now possible only from Tracks History)
🐞 Fixed possible app crash for Russian language users
🐞 Some other fixes and improvements

✅ Improved Summary screen layout
✅ Some tweaks and performance improvements

✅ Improved startup time
✅ Performance improvements and bug fixes
✅ Updated translations

✅ Misc improvements and fixes

🐞 Major fix: GPS/Tracking problems on some devices
✅ Visual improvements
✅ More accurate tracking
✅ Strava™ now respects barometric altitudes recorded with this app
✅ Updated translations
🐞 Other fixes and improvements

🐞 Fix: Resuming a track from the History screen while the tracking is paused can lead to loss of the track
✅ Improved gear ratio algorithm
✅ Minor tweaks in tracking algorithm
✅ Updated translations

🐞 Fix: Gear ratio data not available
🐞 Fix: Unable to input decimal separator
🐞 Possible fix: Offline maps .corrupt issue
✅ Updated libraries
✅ Updated translations